Supporting health through research and education.

Board of Directors


  • PhotoDr. Lindsay Du Val (Chair)
  • PhotoDr. Susan McClement (Secretary)
  • PhotoDr. Peter Cattini (Vice-Chair)
  • PhotoMark Gray (Member-at-Large)
  • PhotoDr. Greg Hammond (Executive Director)
  • PhotoJerry Gray, (Member-at-Large)
  • PhotoDr. Grant Pierce (Assistant Executive Director)
Photo of mmsf book

MMSF, 35 Years of Promoting Health Care Research in Manitoba

Board Members

  • PhotoDr. Glen Bergeron
  • PhotoDr. Prashen Chelikani
  • PhotoDr. William Christie
  • PhotoDr. Catherine Cook
  • PhotoBenjamin Graham
  • PhotoDr. Hilary P. Grocott
  • PhotoCanon J. A. Tony Harwood-Jones
  • PhotoDr. Kent HayGlass
  • PhotoDr. Gerald Minuk
  • PhotoDr. Sri Navaratnam
  • PhotoMark Neskar
  • PhotoDr. Lindsay Nicolle
  • PhotoDr. Christine Peschken
  • PhotoDr. Laura Saward
  • PhotoDr. F. Estelle R. Simons
  • PhotoSusan A. Thompson
  • PhotoGordon Webster
  • PhotoDr. Michael West

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