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The MMSF Congratulates the 13th Annual MMSF/SBRC Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award Recipients

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The 13th Annual MMSF / SBRC Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award Recipients (left to right):
Dr. Sean Armstrong; Dr. Paul Komenda; Dr. Claudio Rigatto;
Dr. Navdeep Tangri; Dr. Yoav Keynan

Dr. Keynan and the Nephrology Research Group have been chosen to share the 2016 Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award. As each supervisor and each project merited support, the award will be split five ways to the teams of Dr. Sean Armstrong ($500), Dr. Paul Komenda ($500), Dr. Claudio Rigatto ($500), Dr. Navdeep Tangri ($500) and Dr. Yoav Keynan ($2,000).

The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation (MMSF) and the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre (SBRC) have each contributed $2,000 to this award for a total of $4,000 that will be shared among the projects. This award contributes to the operating expenses of a B.Sc. (Med.) supervisor at the University of Manitoba to offset operating costs incurred for the supervision of a B.Sc. (Med.) student.

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For details on all MMSF awards please see the Award Recipients Section of our website.

The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation's Mission is to promote and fund scientific, educational and other activities to improve the health and well-being of Manitobans, focusing on support of new researchers. Our Vision is to continue to be an important source of support for health-related research and education, in collaboration with other Manitoba organizations. We are inspired by the accomplishments of the researchers who have received funding through the MMSF. We look forward to continuing our goal of supporting health-related research and education in Manitoba.

Research applications are welcome from medical and scientific researchers, medical and dental students and allied professionals, such as social workers, nurses, epidemiologists and any other health workers involved in preventive, therapeutic, or rehabilitative care. Projects promoting scientific, educational and other activities to maintain and improve the health and well-being of Manitobans are considered.

The MMSF is proud of the accomplishments of each recipient since the Foundation's inception in 1971. The Foundation looks forward to continuing its mission.

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