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Interviews and Biographies

bohm Dr. Allan Ronald Biography

Since 1968 Dr. Ronald has enjoyed a distinguished career as an educator and as a medical director and researcher. Initially, Dr. Ronald's principal research interest was the pathogenesis and management of urinary infection. In 1975 when Winnipeg was caught up in an outbreak of chancroid, a sexually transmitted disease that produces painful skin ulcers, Dr. Ronald was provided the opportunity to investigate and control this disease with critically important funding secured through the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation (MMSF).

bohm Interview with Dr. Eric Bohm

Dr. Eric Bohm feels the biggest challenge facing a surgeon engaged in the scientific side of medicine is to balance clinical responsibilities with research interests. When he received his MMSF Clinical Research Professorship in 2004, he says it became much easier for him to pursue both sides of his career.

delbigio Interview with Dr. Marc Ronald Del Bigio

A renowned neuropathologist at the Manitoba Institute of Child Health and the University of Manitoba. "The Foundation has provided me with funding at many stages in my career and I feel that their contributions helped me get to where I am now," says Dr. Del Bigio.

bernstein Interview with Dr. Charles Noah Bernstein

Dr. Bernstein's main area of study has been inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). "My research career really took off after I received the MMSF Clinical Research Professorship Award. It enabled me to protect some of my time to pursue my research program. I think the Foundation is an excellent example of how limited funding can propel research forward and open doors to national and international awards," he says.

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