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From the Board of Directors

Photo of 2011 MMSF Board.

2011 MMSF Board
Back Row; Mr. Aidan O'Brien, Dr. Gerald Minuk, Dr. R. Daniel Gietz, Mr. Neil Fast,
Dr. Greg Hammond (Executive Director & Treasurer), Dr. Peter Cattini (Secretary),
Dr. Grant Pierce, Mr. Andrew Yorke (MMSF Director and MBC President & CEO),
Hon. W. Scott Wright, Mr. Mark Gray, Dr. Brian Postl, Dr. William Christie,
Ms. Tannis Novotny (Executive Administration)
Middle Row; Mr. Kerry Bittner (Member-at-Large), Mr. Shaun Lamoureux (MBC, VP & CFO),
Dr. Susan McClement, Dr. Christine Peschken, Dr. Lindsay Du Val (Vice-Chair of the Board),
Dr. John Wade (Assistant Executive Director), Dr. Estelle Simons, Mr. Gordon Webster
Front Row; Ms. Linda Newton, Mr. Allen Rouse (Chair of the Board),
Ms. Patricia McCallum (Member-at-Large), Mrs. Isabel Auld
Missing; Dr. Nicholas Anthonisen, Dr. Patrick Choy, Dr. Kent HayGlass,
Mr. Gordon Holland, Dr. Allan Ronald, Dr. Robert Walker, Mr. Jerry Kruk (Citizen-at-large)

In 2016 we find that our funding is stable, with the budget being set at $512,700 for 2016/2017 operating grants and other MMSF awards. We have preserved the Grant Stabilization Reserve Fund at $600,000 so that our reserves can be maintained at a reasonable level.

We have continued our policy of allowing only one-year grants without repeats. Although fewer applications for funds were received than average, a high need for research and education funding continues. Fifteen (15) grant applications were received for the 2016 Competition. We were able to award funding for 67% of the applications from the 2016 Competition for Funds, split between ten (10) grants.

We continue to collaborate to find ways to co-fund with other granting agencies, wherein exchange for offering grant review services, we were grateful to share the funding of five grants. This is made possible through co-operation with the Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM), the Victoria General Hospital Foundation (VGHF) and The Winnipeg Foundation (WF).

In reviewing grants, we provide mentorship and feedback through engagement of the applicants by participating in the Foundation’s direct interview and grant review process which emphasizes new young investigators. The scoring for this system is included in our Guidelines and Criteria for Applications for Research Funds, contained in the application form available on this website. As usual, a wide variety of topics were covered in research applications.

A history of MMSF was undertaken with writer, Mr. David Square, under the editorship of Dr. James Haworth. This edition is available for online viewing on our About Us page.

Dr. Greg Hammond and Dr. Grant Pierce continue as Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director and Dr. Lindsay Du Val and Dr. Peter Cattini continue as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board. We thank all members of the Board for excellent service.

From the President of Manitoba Blue Cross

Photo of Andrew Yorke

Shaun Lamoureux

The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation is unique in that it helps fund first–time researchers.

Like Manitoba Blue Cross, these people dedicate themselves to improving the health and wellness of Manitobans. Their enthusiasm and commitment epitomize the meaning of The Colour of Caring, making us a proud supporter of their initiatives.

Mr. Shaun Lamoureux
Interim President & CEO
Manitoba Blue Cross

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