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Hoeschen Memorial Award

Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award

Photo of Mr. Richard Hoeschen

Mr. Richard Hoeschen

This award is made possible through donations and support of the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation, friends and family of Richard Hoeschen, Manitoba Blue Cross and the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre.

History of Award

The MMSF (Manitoba Medical Service Foundation) and the SBRC (St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre) sponsor this award annually in the name of Richard Hoeschen to commemorate his creative and innovative spirit. The award is currently valued at $4,000 annually with $2,000 by MMSF and $2,000 contributed by SBRC. The annual contributions are approved annually by the respective Boards; with each organization administering their contributions directly to the University of Manitoba. Together, the MMSF and SBRC have contributed $56,000 in support of this award.

The Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award and Fund was established by the MMSF in 2003 with the first awardee named in 2004. Manitoba Blue Cross is a major contributor to the fund by matching the original donations in the amount of $10,000. Annual donations continue to be received by Richard’s friends towards this fund. Through donations and interest on investments, our combined vision is allowing this fund to extend longer than originally anticipated. It is the goal of the MMSF to maintain this fund and provide this memorial award as far into the future as possible, honoring the memory of Richard Hoeschen.

Richard Hoeschen was the son of Dr. Bob Hoeschen and Claire Hoeschen (daughter of Dr. MacMaster). Dr. Bob Hoeschen was the former Head of Cardiology at St. Boniface Hospital and grandson of Dr. John C. MacMaster who was one of the founding members of the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation.


  • The award will commemorate the creative and innovative spirit of Richard Hoeschen;
  • The award shall contribute to the operating expenses of a B.Sc. (Med.) Supervisor at the University of Manitoba to offset operating expenses incurred for the supervision of a B.Sc. (Medicine) student at the University of Manitoba;
  • The priorities might include intensive care/hematology/oncology and cardiovascular but are not restricted to these areas;
  • The B.Sc. (Medicine) Committee will distribute the award(s) as they see fit;
  • The award(s) will be up to $4,000/year ($2,000 from MMSF and $2,000 from SBRC);
  • A representative of the Hoeschen family or delegate will present the award at the B.Sc. (Medicine) Awards Day; and
  • The Richard Hoeschen Fund will be administered by the MMSF


For Supervisors without other sources of support: Any supervisor interested in applying for this award should be aware that it is intended only for those individual investigators without external grant support or access to departmental or other funds that could be used to offset expenses related to a student’s project.

Award Amount

The Richard Hoeschen Memorial award has a maximum value in the amount of $4,000.00 (Cdn.) per year The MMSF and SBRC provide matching funds for this award in the amount of $2,000 each with the combined funding of the award totaling $4,000 per year.

The award may be shared each year, with the amount of the award to be shared equally between the successful applicants. If the award is made in the first year of a project’s life, there is no guarantee that it will be awarded again for the second year. However, if an award is made in year one (1), it can be distributed over the two (2) years of a project’s life. Any unspent funds remaining after the student completes the program will revert back, equally, to the MMSF and SBRC. The award will be dispersed through an account established by the successful applicant’s department, through the Budgets and Grants Office of the University of Manitoba.

**Please note that the award may not be used as a top-up for a student's stipend**

Candidate Selection

The B.Sc. Awards Selection Committee will review all completed applications and select the appropriate candidate on a yearly basis. The award funding may be deferred if no appropriate applicant is selected.

Application Package

To apply, supervisors shall send a letter as an email attachment to: The University of Manitoba, B.Sc. (Med.) Program Coordinator

The following will be required as part of the candidate’s application package:

  • Student’s name and presenting year
  • Brief summary of the project
  • The amount requested (up to $4,000.00)
  • Outline of how the funds will be spent (budget)
  • Statement that neither the supervisor nor co-supervisor holds a research grant or has access to an appropriate level of funding for a student’s project

Please electronically submit the completed application package to the Director, B.Sc. (Medicine) Program, University of Manitoba.


The B.Sc. (Medicine) Awards Committee: This committee is chaired by the B.Sc. (Medicine) coordinator and consists of three individuals. Its task is to select winner(s) for the Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award. The BSc (Med.) Committee will distribute the award(s) as they see fit.


  • Photo Dr. Yoav Keynan Internal Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Community Health Sciences
    – $4,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award has been split and awarded to Dr. Yoav Keynan, with the remainder equally divided amongst the Nephrology Research Group:

  • Photo Dr. Yoav Keynan Internal Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Community Health Sciences
    – $2,000 (MMSF $1,000|SBRC $1,000)

Nephrology Research Group:

  • Photo Dr. Sean Armstrong Internal Medicine
    – $500 (MMSF $250|SBRC $250)
  • Photo Dr. Paul Komenda Internal Medicine
    – $500 (MMSF $250|SBRC $250)
  • Photo Dr. Claudio Rigatto Internal Medicine
    – $500 (MMSF $250|SBRC $250)
  • Photo Dr. Navdeep Tangri Internal Medicine
    – $500 (MMSF $250|SBRC $250)


This award was split between:

  • Photo Dr. David Dawe Internal Medicine
    – $1,333 (MMSF|SBRC)
  • Photo Dr. Yoav Keynan Internal Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Community Health Sciences
    – $1,333 (MMSF|SBRC)
  • Photo Dr. Afshin Raouf Cell Biology and Immunology
    – $1,333 (MMSF|SBRC)


Dr. Versha Banerji, Internal Medicine – $4,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


Dr. Yoav Keynan, Surgery and Community Health Sciences – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award was split between:

Dr. Andrew McKay, Surgery and Community Health Sciences – $1,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Benedict C. Albensi, Pharmacology & Therapeutics – $1,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Paul Komenda, Internal Medicine – $1,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Claudio Rigatto, Internal Medicine – $1,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award was split between:

Dr. Robert Chase, Department of Community Health Sciences – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Idris Elbakri, Department of Radiology – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award was split between:

Dr. Mubeen Rafary, Department of Pediatrics – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Sarvesh Logsetty, Department of Surgery – $1,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. John Embil, Department of Internal Medicine – $1,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award was split between:

Dr. Ana Hanlon-Dearman, Department of Pharmacology – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Eric Sigurdson, Department of Psychiatry – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


Dr. Andrew McKay, Surgery – $4,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award was split between:

Dr. John Embil, Infection Control Unit – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Julia Rempel, Internal Medicine & Immunology – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award was split between:

Dr. John Embil, Infection Control Unit – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Ian Gibson, Pathology – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


This award was split between:

Dr. John Embil, Medical Microbiology – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)

Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen, Pediatrics – $2,000 (MMSF|SBRC)


Dr. John Embil, Medical Microbiology – $4,000 (MMSF)

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