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(3 years @ $55,000*/year - $20,000 Grant-in-Aid during the 1st year)

Dr. Asher Mendelson awarded the MMSF Dr. F. W. Du Val and John Henson Clinical Research Professorship Award


Dr. Asher Mendelson’s work on microcirculation has merited the MMSF Dr. F. W. Du Val and John Henson Clinical Research Professorship Award for 2022-2025.

During the three-year award term, the MMSF will contribute $55,000 per year towards the salary (including benefits) of the awardee. A grant-in-aid to the appointee of up to $20,000 may be made during the first year of the appointment.

Dr. Mendelson is an ICU physician at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, Assistant Professor of Medicine and scientist at the University of Manitoba. The focus of Dr. Mendelson’s research program is understanding how the microcirculation – the smallest blood vessels in the body – plays an important role in many ICU diseases and affects outcomes for ICU patients.

The MMSF Dr. F. W. DuVal and John Henson Clinical Research Professorship supports Dr. Mendelson leading two complementary and innovative research projects along the spectrum of critical illness – from early diagnosis to recovery. At the bedside in the ICU, he is developing non-invasive tools to monitor blood flow and oxygen delivery in the microcirculation, with the goal of improving treatment of the sickest patients using personalized therapies.

After patients leave the ICU, Dr. Mendelson is investigating how damage to the microcirculation may affect skeletal muscle strength and have long-term health consequences for ICU survivors. This form of weakness greatly impacts quality of life for patients and their caregivers, but its cause is not well understood. Dr. Mendelson is using exercise testing to describe how changes to blood flow in skeletal muscle contribute to exercise limitations in this vulnerable group. The goal will be to improve rehabilitation strategies and treatment for ICU survivors to enhance recovery.

Dr. Mendelson graduated medical school at McGill University, with residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He completed the Critical Care fellowship and Clinician Investigator Program at Western University. He received a Master’s in Experimental Medicine at UBC and a PhD in Medical Biophysics at Western University, studying the physiology of blood flow control in skeletal muscle.

  • PhotoDr. Clara Bohm

2019 - 2022

"Effect of an Exercise Rehabilitation Program on Symptom Burden in Hemodialysis: A Multi-Centre Randomized Controlled Study"

  • PhotoDr. A. Ravandi

2016 - 2019

"Oxidized Phospholipids as Mediators of Myocardial Injury"

  • PhotoDr. J. Ho

2014 - 2017

"Developing Renal Allograft Surveillance Strategies: From Implantation to Late Post-Transplant"

(Dr. Ho received a CIHR New Investigator Salary Award and gave up the Professorship in July 2015)

  • Photo of Dr. R. AroraDr. R. Arora
  • (MMSF/MHRC Funded)**

2011 - 2014

"Determining the Incidence of Postoperative Delirium in the Current Era of Cardiac Surgery"

  • Photo of Dr. S. DakshinamurtiDr. S. Dakshinamurti
  • (MMSF/MHRC Funded)**

2010 - 2013

"Regulation of Thromboxane Receptor Hypersensitivity in Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn"

The 2007 - 2010 award was split between Dr. Jassal and Dr. Singh

  • Photo of Dr. D. JassalDr. D. Jassal

2007 - 2010

"The Interaction of Hyperlipidemia and NOS3 on Left Ventricular Remodeling After Pressure-Induced Overload"

  • Photo of Dr. H. SinghDr. H. Singh

2007 - 2010

"Colorectal Cancer Prevention, Safe Screening and Early Detection: A Series of Population-Based Studies"

  • Photo of Dr. E. BohmDr. E. Bohm

2004 - 2007

"Does Cyclooxygenase 2 Inhibition Impair Bone Healing?"

  • Photo of Dr. M. Del BigioDr. M. Del Bigio

2001 - 2004

"Role of Extravasated Blood in Potentiation of Injury in the Immature Brain"

  • Photo of Dr. P. BernsteinDr. C. Bernstein

1999 - 2002

"Viral Infections and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Population-Based Case-Control Study"

(Dr. Bernstein received a CIHR Research Chair and gave up the Professorship in January 2001)