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MMSF Dr. F. W. Du Val and John Henson Clinical Research Professorship Award

Photo of Mr. J. Henson.

Mr. John Henson

Photo of Dr. Fred Du Val.

Dr. F. W. Du Val

Previously the MMSF Dr. F. W. Du Val Clinical Research Professorship, this award was renamed in 2021 to the MMSF Dr. F. W. Du Val and John Henson Clinical Research Professorship. This award commemorates the legacies of the late Dr. Fred Du Val and John Henson. The annual amount of salary support was increased in 2021 from $50,000 to $55,000* annually.

Dr. Du Val served on the MMSF Board from 1976 until his death on May 14, 2002. He was a much respected surgeon, professor, teacher, and philanthropist who co-founded the Surgery Can Be Fun Club in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Du Val’s involvement in the health field was extensive including Chair of the Board of Manitoba Blue Cross, Director of Blue Cross Life Insurance of Canada, Secretary to the Manitoba Medical Association, President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and Treasurer and member of the Executive of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

John Henson was CFO and VP at Manitoba Blue Cross for many years. He was an avid supporter of the Foundation and provided many years of valued financial and business advice.

Both Fred and John believed strongly in improving the health and well-being of all Manitobans, and this professorship supports their beliefs.

To date, the MMSF has provided support for this award totaling $1,655,000.

Award Guidelines

  • The award is given for a period of 3 years during which the MMSF will contribute $55,000* per year towards the salary (including benefits) of the awardee. A three-year term grant-in-aid to the appointee of up to $20,000 may be made during the first year of the appointment.
  • Candidates must be physicians or health care professionals licensed to practice in Manitoba with a faculty appointment at the University of Manitoba. Applicants must be engaged in research related to the health field. During the tenure of the award the awardee must guarantee a 50 per cent time commitment to research.
  • To be successful in this competition, a candidate must be judged to be in the early stages of a productive research career as a health care professional. The candidate should have been engaged in independent research for not more than seven years since an academic appointment with the University of Manitoba, should have received one or more grants from a national granting agency – such as the Canadian Institute of Health Research – and should have a satisfactory publication record in peer reviewed journals. This judgment will also include a review of the candidate’s training, qualifications and experience, and the support of letters of reference. A candidate will also be judged on clarity and communications through a written research submission and a brief presentation and response to questions with the Award review panel.
  • The intent of the award is to promote clinical research at the University of Manitoba for the general benefit of health research in Manitoba and to advance the research career of the awardee.
  • An awardee is not eligible for the MMSF Dr. F. W. Du Val and John Henson Clinical Research Professorship Award for a second three-year term.
  • The award cannot be held concurrently with another personal career award.
  • An awardee who receives the MMSF Dr. F. W. Du Val and John Henson Clinical Research Professorship Award is not eligible for other MMSF Salary awards.

* The salary of $55,000 per year becomes effective with the commencement of new appointments awarded after April 15, 2021. The salary increase does not apply to ongoing career awards appointed prior to April 15, 2021.

**The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation and the Manitoba Health Research Council cooperatively funded the 2010-2013 and the 2011-2014 Clinical Research Professorships in Population Health.